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Superior Kalamata olives

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The Kalamata olive is large and black, with a smooth, meaty texture. It's named after the city of Kalamata in Greece. It's almond-shaped, plump, dark purple, and the tree looks different from other olive trees because the Kalamata leaves are twice as big. The olives are renowned for their taste as a table olive.  And they're very healthy eating (see Links).

European groves often need to use chemical sprays against Verticillium wilt and other diseases and pests there. Western Australia is blessedly free of these problems. In addition, Wickham Farm olives are processed in the age-old way in brine. In Europe, lye and other chemicals are commonly used. It means that Wickham olives taste like Kalamata olives from the old days, which is the way they taste best.

Our olives are processed within two hours after they come off the tree. In Europe, it takes several days. And there, the olives from different farms get mixed together, which makes it hard to keep a consistent taste and quality. Olives imported from Europe can also suffer from the long journey, often in overheated tanks.

Wickham Farm is the only farm in Western Australia that produces Kalamata olives exclusively.
And they're the best-tasting Kalamata olives that you can buy.