Zagro Asia, a publicly listed group in Singapore with 60 years of experience in the agribusiness industry, manufacturing facilities, operating offices and industry presence in more than 70 countries worldwide, has taken a strategic interest in olives, both table and oil form. This decision led to the acquisition of companies with strong expertise in various olive products; a grove specializing only in Kalamata table olives from Wickham Olive Grove, the award-winning olives and olive products of Eagle Vale Olives (EVO) and the acquisition of Dandaragan Estate for its award-winning extra virgin olive oils.

Located in Western Australia, Wickham Olive Grove’s homegrown Kalamata table olives and extra virgin olive oil are available online in single purchases through the Eagle Vale Olives and Dandaragan Estate websites, but we also accept wholesale or bulk orders of our extra virgin olive oil and olives. As a producer and manufacturer of Kalamata olives, our existing long-term partnerships with restaurants, distributors, and retailers showcase our dedication to producing quality goods consistently.

Importers and Distributors Wanted

We are looking for importers and distributors and welcome enquiries from interested parties for the following:


  • Bulk packing
  • Marinated olives in 200grm Tub, 380grm Jars, 1Kg Tub, 4.5Kg Tub
  • Private labelling

  • Bulk packing
  • 250ml, 500ml, 750ml
  • Private labelling
  • For wholesale enquiries, send us an email at contact@wickhamolive.com.

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